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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Digging Up the Past and Healing Human Brains


24 Tevet 5770

Here are some photos of me on site at "the dig" I joined at the close of my December vacation in Israel's upper North area, the Golan.

I'm in the green sweatshirt, gearing up for the centuries-old dig by listening to our lead archaeologist. She's kneeling as she explains our methodology.

The team uncovered a ceramic pitcher leaning against the wall as if someone had just set it upon the stone floor.

Now I'm standing above the jug, looking exhausted after an 8-hour day of slugging, digging, brushing off and carting away LOTS of centuries-old dirt.

There's more excitement to tell of
but that's waiting for
official clearance.

I'm impressed at how well my wash machine cleans my clothes from daily digs. I literally shake dust as I walk about in dirtied clothes. The experience of touching and breathing in history is so worth the inconveniences ;^ )

I keep reflecting on how much weight
my once-endangered arm lifts and tosses on a daily basis. It's a miracle for my arm to function as it does (THANK YOU G'D!).

I'm so happy to be part of this effort that I have a happy buzz all over! Now that's gotta be good for inner and outer health ;^ )

I didn't plan to do archaeology to help my muscles and emotions to heal from so much past suffering. The opportunity simply became available and I took it for the simple fun it affords me. The change of pace is certainly fun, too.

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