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Sunday, January 17, 2010

What the Medical World Wants


2 Shvat 5770

Readers, there are
exceptions to the rules written below, but not enough.

Medicine has morphed into a much-different world in the last 45 years. Lifestyles and health risks have also changed dramatically. Increased workloads, fast food and time restraints have had negative effects on the aging and health process. Poor diet, stress, and environmental chemicals, let alone industrial poisonings affect us in ways the human body never dealt with before.

Conventional Medical Professionals are too often trapped, telling ill people to obey expensive commands and perspectives, and then frustrated when compliance doesn't happen or doesn't work.

It's easy to lose sight of what the patients want and need.

Too many medical institutions and practitioners don't want successful self-help and holistic healing methods, because although selling synthetic medicines and dangerous procedures is expensive and often worsens physical, spiritual or emotional health, it keeps them in business.

On the other hand, they love industry-wide consensus and brand-name products because they bring in reimbursement, plus they have promotional support from drug manufacturers and treatment sites that need to pay for expensive purchases that fill desperate people with hope.

The pharmaceutical (drug) industry doesn't want tried-and-true remedies that don't change from year to year. That's not going to build drug sales. The conventional medical world thrives on BREAKTHROUGH discoveries and ever-changing rationales about why one medication or treatment method is preferable to another. That's how they make a living.

Governments have an at-odds-with-itself investment in supporting medical advances and treatment (the USA seems to excel at this). They're focused on cost-effective ways of keeping citizens nominally healthy but are uninterested in respecting individual needs or in respecting cost-effective preventative measures. Passing prohibitive laws that limit healthcare and healthcare insurance options gives them agendas. And all that
media attention!

The trips, the bribes, the personal power ...

If the medical world prescribed lifestyle changes,
whole foods or natural cures along with effective conventinal medical practices, they'd have to face some cost-effective realities and lose lots of potential scare-mongering income.

If the medical industry can't make money selling complementary/alternative healing methods in addition to lucrative conventional medical practices, why would its members recommend non-conventional methods to you?

You can view these realities as mysteries too big for mortals to solve. Or you can see them as parts of the system as enduring and as central as the
groupthink on which the conventional medical world largely relies...

Pledge allegiance to the system and you might forget the patient. And we know how poorly that's working out over time.

Take back the power to make your own decisions about personal medical care.

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Yocheved Golani
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