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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Vacation Fun Heals the Spirit!


17 Tevet 5770

I've been savoring every moment of my vacation time that began last week. I'm still participating on the archaeological dig I joined on Thursday. Once I get permission to post some photos, I can share the excitement with you.

Taking a total break from daily routine is a refreshing experience. It lets the body and mind react to life in unrehearsed ways. That lets tired excuses, boring routines and old complaints disappear into the ether (yep, I benefit from that, too). You fill with a sense of fun, adventure and productive perspective that can help you far into the future.

For me, well, gosh it's fun to stop writing about other people and meeting deadlines all the time! And though my vision is still repairing with holistic care, I'm pretty handy at dealing with stuff situated or held only inches from my face. My team digs in a sitting or tummy-down position, then we hold stuff to clean away dirt. We've unearthed a wall, broken pottery shards already being pieced together, and... who knows what'll turn up next?!

Well, gotta go dig up the past, brush off the dirt and hold it in my hands to make history come alive again. It's been some project getting my clothes clean at the end of the day ;^ )

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