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Friday, January 29, 2010

Dear Moms and Moms to be...


14 Shvat 5770

Let's have healthier children
without hair-raising behavior problems,

(You might want to consider ending the use of plastic plates and cutlery for starters.)

I keep letting people know that reading my books can minimize, prevent as well as solve some serious medical problems (and their costs!). In the books and this companion blog I've warned readers about the dangers of exposure to synthetics before, during and after pregnancy.

Some people dismiss my organic lifestyle leanings as "too much." Well, now you have to consider what you think of a Mount Sinai Children’s Environmental Health Study about phthalates and prenatal danger.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences supports that study and BOTH of them underscore my repeated warning about dangerous shower curtains, garbage cans, soap dishes, toys, and and and and... They mess up prenatal neurological development!

Check out my relevant blogposts on the Phthalate Danger topic: Dangerous Household Items

And yes, I know where you can buy health-friendly shower curtains, toys, etc.

I'm signing off now to snack on some homegrown sprouts. Good for eyes, muscles, blood, name it. And yummy with a pleasant crunch. mmmm...

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