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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Toxic Plastics in Canned Food and (omigawd you'll never guess where!)


4 Shvat 5770

I realize that some of the "organic lifestyle" suggestions in the book and on this blog leave you a bit distressed and skeptical. With the evidence adding up about synthetics poisoning the populace, however, I want to underscore the "synthetics are dangerous to health" advice.

BPA is a chemical found in many plastic food containers. It's leaching into human bodies and wreaking havoc with health. Look at some of the photos on this blogpost for a quick grasp of how often BPA gets inside you or your loved ones. Yes, baby formula too often contains BPA!

The Environmental Working Group shares my concerns. Read their update entitled

Bisphenol A:

Though the article advises using stainless steel thermoses without plastic linings, you might face health issues from the metal leaching into your water (I won't even use stainless steel cookware for that reason! Aluminum cookware is a known cause of Alzheimer's, so I prefer ceramic, porcelain, glass, and cast iron cookware). A metallic flavor in your water could be unpleasant, too. Please use ceramic, glass, wood and cast iron utensils that do not endanger human health.

What to do for a water bottle? This blog often lets you know that scrubbed-clean empty grape juice and wine bottles make excellent water containers when tucked into cushiony water carriers that hang off your shoulders with straps.

Hmm, how much benefit can there be to ridding your kitchen and household of plastics? Well, for one thing, there's evidence that synthetics are causing the odd rise in infertility problems among people who grew up using them. Parenthood is being achieved after changing old habits for healthier ones (and after benefiting from BHRT Bioidentical Hormone Therapy to restore normal hormone levels).

And yes, non-toxic baby bottles and safe pacifiers are still manufactured ;^ )

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