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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Blog Writer Joins International Phenom for Respect


1 Tevet 5772

Readers, I apologize that my blogpost is a departure from the norm. But it is most definitely health related and part of a bigger story!

Last night some friends and I worked on crowd control, with police, at the internationally famous rally to support Jewish women in Israel. You might spot news photos of a tall redhead in a purple jacket and yellow security vest (me) on the scene, as in this interview footage with one of the organizers.

I'm physically and emotionally tired from being part of the solution to the horrific misrepresentation of Judaism and to the abusive mistreatment of females in Israel. I reside in Bet Shemesh, where I've been to many previous demonstrations against the violent hooligans in haredi clothing. They betray the Jewish values of compassion, honesty and the respect of women. I spoke about this on Rusty Mike Radio yesterday morning.

The very fact that the huge peace-promoting gathering made international news last night, the last night of Chanuka, is heartrending. Women are at the heart of the Chanuka miracle, not just the Maccabee men. Chana and her seven sons were slaughtered by Romans who punished Jews refusing to worship the idolization of the human body. Another Chana begged her Jewish co-religionists to save her from impending rape by Roman predators ruining the wedding nights of all Jewish brides. Those cries for help mobilized the Maccabbees, who showed the world that we Jews value the integrity, sanctity and honor of females no matter their religion, age or level of achievements. Women deserve respect. GOD ALMIGHTY taught this to the Jews and wider world.

I believe that we at last night's rally have lit the world as some sort of Chanuka candle with our firm stance for kindness, honesty and simple good-heartedness.

As for the boors harassing little children and anyone obstructing violent behavior, they are misogynists in the classical sense of the word. They suffer a sexual identity crisis that is foreign to Jewish values and teachings. Somehow, they veered off the genuine Jewish worldview: to bring more holiness to the world, to enjoy its beauty and to emulate its All Compassionate Creator.

Scroll around this blog. Find the posts honoring people of various religions, skin colors and occupations. They came from my deep appreciation for the Jewish mandate to "Build a world of kindness." Heaven is not off-limits to anyone who earns it.

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