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Sunday, December 18, 2011

What do the New York Times and this Blog Have in Common?


22 Kislev 5772

Chanuka starts Wednesday night, December 21/Kislev 25. Xmas, Kwanzaa and holiday parties with loads of food and calories are heading to tables near you.

The problem is that much of that food is NOT good for your health. Listen to Mark Bittman, a  New York Times food writer explain the reality:

Scared? Feeling overwhelmed by the task of rethinking your menus and preparing them? Hmmm... I have a good book to recommend to you. It was written by a woman who needed to take immediate dietary action to save her life. A woman who used to joke that "A candy bar in each hand is a balanced meal."

Here's the answer to the headline of today's blogpost: That NYT food writer, this blog and the EMPOWER Yourself book share a common theme: You need to make serious changes in your menu-planning, and you can. 

By the way, you'll learn why I do not eat fish - and why you won't want to anymore - on page 156.

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