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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy, Hectic and How I Do It!


11 Kislev 5772

Whew! I'm having a busy week, let alone a busy month. Tonight I'll be moderating a "Meet the Authors" evening. It's designed to give that much-needed break to new writers.

Tomorrow night I head up not one but TWO community-oriented discussions about cultural needs in my town. I'll be part of a round-robin of conversations dedicated to raising the quality of life in my local and greater neighborhood.

I'm booking ever-more engagements to speak about
on the radio, in libraries and elsewhere.

My daily activities continue as I write feature stories, prepare book reviews and tend the garden (peas are growing fast, as are my flowering vines, turmeric, marigolds (in three different colors!), beets, garlic, parsley, ivies (two kinds), aloe vera and more. The dog already took me for our morning walk ;^ D

Though I remain certifiably disabled, I do what I can to enjoy life. It's all about pacing and choosing to be cheerful. Let me know how you manage with your disability or medical challenge.

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