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Monday, December 12, 2011

Pedophilia Is EVERYONE's Problem!


16 Kislev 5772

I'm sad to let you know that I've been contacted by frightened, unhappy people many times in recent days. Each of them has been affected by or is concerned about pedophilia, the sexual abuse of children.

Sex abuse is no stranger to the adult world, either.

I urge victims of sexual assaults to benefit from counseling and/or EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques. It is a simple matter of reciting specific phrases and performing simply gestures that can literally rewire your brain for emotional recovery. A certified EFT professional can guide your efforts.

Please re-read my old blogpost on the topic of sex abuse

I truly believe that all of us must do what we can to protect children and everyone from sexual predators. Promote stronger laws, be vigilant, and report your suspicions to legal authorities. 

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