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Monday, April 23, 2012

The Haveil Havalim Blogpost Carnival is Coming Here Soon!


1 Iyar 5772

Readers, I have a dynamic E-mail correspondence going on behind the scenes with some of you. I'm delighted with the diversity of the readership here. It's a privilege to be helping and interacting with people I'd never otherwise "meet"! The fun and wonder will grow on April 29 as I hostess what's called the "Haveil Havalim" blogpost carnival.

Various bloggers from around the world will be sharing their links with me in the next few days. I'll post selected entries that serve public interests and purposes on April 29th. No snarky remarks from contributors, please. Share something thoughtful, innovative, educational, helpful, or soothing to serve public interests. Send your URL to

Here's a quick FYI if you're wondering what Haveil Havalim means in English: Vanity of vanities. It's a catch-phrase repeated in Ecclesiastes (kohelet in Hebrew), the famous passage written by King Solomon. We learn in it to focus on spiritual meaning, to rise above our present limitations (moral, physical, emotional, intellectual, etc.).  Why? Selfishness is not destined for eternal value.

Looking forward to April 29th!

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