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Sunday, April 1, 2012

How to Find Solutions and Smile When You Do


9 Nisan 5772

Whew, life can be a sucker punch sometimes. Several solutions to that problem exist. One can be to see life with a sense of humor. A second solution is to see life from a different perspective, to experiment with perspectives so you can learn which one helps you past your problem.

If you haven't watched the movie entitled Temple Grandin; Not Thinking in Pictures, do so on video or CD. It packs a powerful message about how the woman named Temple Grandin has much to teach the rest of us. Claire Danes did an outstanding acting job of portraying her.

Here's a shorter, laugh-out-loud look at how to solve problems with humor and fresh perspective

Let yourself have fun at finding solutions you need.

Click on Temple Grandin's TedTalk for more insight
about  how new perspective can work for and with you.

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