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Friday, March 30, 2012

Sick of Criticism You Don't Deserve? Here's How to Silence Your Critics!


7 Nisan 5772

I rarely blog on Fridays, but I know that they can be the set-up for some truly lousy weekends. Why? 

Bigmouths tend to take their best shots for hurting someone's feelings then. Why is a whole 'nuther story.

So I'm blogging today to 
improve your chances for a
better today and tomorrow.

Sad about the sickening things people say to or about you? EMPOWER Yourself with this amusing thought:

"I don't care what is 
written about me as long 
as it isn't true." 
Katherine Hepburn

I can't verify that Kate ever said that, but you can adopt the sentiments all the same. Go for the gusto. Live your life with purpose, decency and fun. Let the liars rot in their pickled worldviews. You don't need to.

Let me know if today's post gives you or someone you know emotional pain relief. Some bon mots are just great for emotional and mental health. Guaranteed!

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