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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Why the Blazes Do You Pray?


12 Adar 5772

One of the topics addressed in

is prayer. In my live appearances I speak about the surprising effect that someone else's unknown-to-me prayers had upon my recovery. It's a rather shocking turn of events. It caught an already religious me by BIG surprise!

But praying can seem 
distasteful, even repulsive, 
to some people.

When a person experiences unremitting suffering, pain and heartache, praying can seem to be a cruel concept.  Ill and disabled people might wonder "Why should I pray? Doesn't GOD know how and what I feel already? I mean c'mon, what kind of GOD is it if S/he can't figure me out?"

But we're supposed to pray. Why?

To help ourselves to figure out what we need. Suffering can lead to confused thinking, or result from it. Prayer is a private audience with the Creator. Spend time in it. Speak your heart out; pour on the anger, shame, sadness and fear. Explore possible solutions. Ask for those you can't even imagine. Hone in on what's truly important to you. And say thanks for things going right. You could be in for some surprises.

Be sure to share those thoughts with people you trust. The results can be life-saving in many more ways than you presently imagine.

Go ahead. Read pages 4, 5, 6, page 36's Shore Up Your Spirituality and other pages. Look for the book's License to Cry, too. Tears are a form of prayer. I explain all that in EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge

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