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Monday, March 19, 2012

How to Make a Commitment - and Keep it!


25 Adar 5772

Last night I met some of the most remarkable people for audience members on the way to, at, and on my way home from my speaking engagement

Each was a "doer" who'd made significant achievements in their lives. Proud of themselves for staying the course in tough times (widowhood, prejudice, poverty, illness, politics, religious issues), they wanted to hear me speak for one reason: "You and your book are all about how to achieve goals!" one person said. "We've heard  about you," or "We've read about you" remarked other listeners.

I was awed. Before me were people who'd innovated solutions to problems admirably. They had suffered and refused to continue suffering. They had DONE something to end the stalemates they and other people were in.

One woman asked me how I go on with my future, though my vision remains less than what's considered "normal" and that I must compensate for those deficits.

"I refuse to surrender to despair," I replied.

As one listener remarked "That's what all of us have in common. Victims say 'I'll try.' They make some sort of attempt and give up because of difficulties they need to overcome. Leaders say and believe 'I commit to X' and then they do all the hard work to achieve their goals. That's why we want to read your book. It's showing ill people how to achieve their goals."

One woman bought multiple copies for her acquaintances to read!

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