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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Here's How to Be Fair - and Helpful - to People with Sensory Issues


11 Nisan 5772

One of the maddening things about being a person with sensory issues is that the rest of the world fails to understand our completely sensible coping mechanisms!

Please watch this video to gain insight into why some children wriggle, tap feet or fingers and simply move around so much: Brain Highways: The Proprioceptive System.

Why do I find this topic so important? I have a lingering sensory processing disorder that leaves me with severe vertigo. I use specific techniques I learned in physical and occupational therapy lessons to cope with that. 

I've always sympathized with people who pace, tap, and do other things to ground themselves in their present locations. Squirming in discomfort is, at times, not a sign of emotional distress. It's a sign of coping with missed "This is where I am" placement signals.

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