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Sunday, July 1, 2012

How to Lower YOUR Medical Costs from Anywhere in the World


11 Tamuz 5772

The USA is in a medical mess. The Supreme Court decision did not give anyone jobs so they can earn incomes. How will unemployed citizens, or poor Americans with jobs, pay healthcare imperative taxes?

Are Americans aware that 1/3 of all US hospitals just might close before 2020? I suspect a bigger closure, actually, with Obamacare devastating things and people in the medical world.

What if you're reading this blog from another part of the globe? What can you do to afford better, or any, medical care missing from your life?


Look at the expense of medical care these days. Nobody is giving the patient calming, cost-cutting answers. So the It's MY Crisis! And I'll Cry if I Need to: EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge book gives them to you. 

I used my professional background in Health Information Management to write the book, including the Global Resources section at the back. It clues you into charitable organizations that pay for part, or all, of specific medical bills if you can’t afford the costs. 

  • Have a child in England with a hearing and speaking disorder but can’t afford therapy and hearing aids? See page 90. 
  • You’re Latino with a liver disease but can’t afford medical care? See page 108. 
  • Need air transportation for an adult or child’s medical treatment? EMPOWER Yourself lists organizations ready to fly you and/or your loved one to the destination at no cost. 
  • Want to get in on clinical trials? 
  • Need a free wheelchair or other medical appliance at low cost
  • How about first-quality medication at low or zero cost

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Find out what to do when medical personnel refuse or fail to listen to you. See this blog tomorrow for a patient-empowering update on that topic.

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Laura from said...

Certainly, living a healthy lifestyle is the best solution to rising health care costs. It benefits not only your body but your finances as well. Nevertheless, your book seems to contain very interesting propositions worth checking out.

Yocheved Golani said...

Laura the Global Resources section of the EMPOWER Yourself book clues you in to charitable organizations willing to pay part or all of your specific medical costs. THAT can mean BIG savings and lots of peace of mind.