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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

2 Wheelchairs + 1 Wedding = A Match Made in Heaven on Earth


21 Tamuz 5772

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"The purpose of this workbook is to be a tool for strengthening your resolve. Emotions go on a roller coaster when a person learns of the medical and/or emotional/spiritual crisis that seems to be engulfing them. That’s a sign of being human, of being normal. Despite your yearning to master and to control the situation you’re in – or even to get rid of it, reality dictates that you remain calm and logical. The temptations to go ballistic are innumerable. We all suffer with that problem.

The mark of a refined human being, a "decent person," is that he or she behaves pleasantly and intelligently despite the pain, setbacks and sadness of the problem in their life. In the 21st century, however, a huge sense of confusion clouds our thinking: we became used to instant solutions back in the 20th century. 

Technological advances gave us instantly cooked food zapped in microwaves. We advanced from s-l-o-w snail mail or telegram-facilitated communication to real-time Faxes, Instant Messaging, quickly received and responded to E-mail, cell phones, PDAs, blackberries and more. We lost the sense of having to wait for results.

That loss of perspective affects our understanding of emotional restraint and spiritual growth. They develop with the repetition of polite behavior despite inner turmoil. Time and patience are crucial factors for becoming refined individuals. They’re critical coping tools for medical challenges.

You turn every mistake into a blessing when you decide that it will not weigh you down and choose to use it to rise to greater heights. Growth means rising above present limitations, after all."

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