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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Defining Your Problems and Meeting Your Goals


2 Tevet, 5775  

Today's the last day of Hanuka/Chanuka. I'm wistful for it to linger.

The 8-day holiday is about problems and goals, raw courage, and leadership. Lots of life lessons are packed into those historical days. For example: You know about the male Maccabees. Click on What Do Jewish Women Have to Do with Chanuka? to learn more.

Okay, back to today. I decided to prepare some Hanuka food this past week. My arms are tired from hand-grating potatoes and onions, then frying them into luscious livivot aka latke treats in a cast iron skillet. 

Making the potato pancakes, then cleaning the mess (a BIG, messy mess), were goals and problems met and solved with some tried and true solutions.

Now let's digress into some medical matters. Those can be a bunch of problems and a "How do I - or you - meet important goals?" headache of a goal to meet!

Suffering tends to wear us down, along with our thinking skills. You know all about it. What you might not know is how to overcome the sorrow, fear, anger, forgetfulness, temper tantrums and other emotional issues so that you can think clearly again. 

Your emotions are one thing. But life, especially a medical or mental health issue life, can be complicated by the emotions of other people, too. 

The emotions of your family members, colleagues, and friends are a whole 'nuther universe. Let's deal all of that, one person at a time: You, you and you. 

You're the only person under your control.

Take a  look at how marketing professionals stay calm under pressure.

Increase your happiness hormones, endorphins, with 5 steps to lower stress and stay calm.

Use calming affirmations.

What are your medical problems?

What are your goals in dealing with them?

There is guidance about how to
deal with all the problematic people
in your medical life

Which pages of the book help you to cope with the stress from in-laws and outlaws, siblings, parents, children, medical professionals and... (fill in the blank as necessary)? 

Please let me know what works for you via E-mail. I'll be delighted to respond to your message. I won't share your comments unless you ask me to.

Lots of solution-oriented, mental health professionals-approved tips are packed into the EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge book. It's full of YOU Can-Do-This solutions.


If you or someone who needs it haven't read the book yet, buy the E-book or print edition of EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge.  

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