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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Lowering Anxiety with an Education and Kindness


1 Tevet, 5775

Before I go further with this blogpost, I want to thank the people who've expressed their sympathy and support to me for contending with that recent "There's another meningioma, and the MRI technician thought it was harming me?" shock to my system.

Your outreach and reaction to the situation is remarkable, the sort of goodness we pray to find in the world.

I want to underscore that it was a mistaken diagnosis
Humans are humans. 

GOD blessed me with competent clarification
from the new neurosurgeon on my medical team: 
Nothing is amiss. 

Together we blessed me with the
ability to deal with 
an alarming announcement
in a calm, rational manner. 

My past practice with and dedication to
behaving sensibly, no matter what, paid off well.

My new neurosurgeon and I have a terrifically pleasant rapport. He and I agreed to do another photo-op same time, next year, to monitor things.

He responded pleasantly and thoroughly to all my questions, treating me and the friend who'd escorted me to the appointment with total respect and a sense of humor. I consider the whole phenomenon a gift from GOD.

I didn't post an update yesterday due to being down with a severe cold. The bug felled lots of people in my community. I'm happy to be feeling better today and want to share some important information.

One of the issues that this blog and the

book deal with is mental and emotional health 
(yes, they're individual realities).

I found an online article that highlights a point I make in my personal life and in my self-help coaching plus public speaking efforts: ASK the person with a problem what YOU can do to help them. 

Don't assume anything, not even that you understand the scope of the situation. Prophecy and mind-reading are not part of your picture, OK? 

Here's the article I suggest that you read and share widely: 

9 things I wish people understood about anxiety

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