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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Staying Grounded and Joyous Despite Inner or Outer Pain


11 Tamuz, 5775

One of the things I advocate for well-rounded emotions is having a hobby. I enjoy several, and thought to let you have a look at some of my dried flower arrangements

 and candelabra plate 


Care to guess which hobby I longed to resume though 2005 brain surgery had resulted in my surgically broken jaw (and my need to learn how to speak, all over again)?

There's a reason that I whistle as I walk. I've needed to strengthen my damaged emboucher (the relevant muscles of my face and lips) so that I can resume flute-playing. 

As of this past April, I've been able to get sweet sounds from my flute. 

Now that I've recovered from moving across the country, I hope to hire a music instructor so I can play in a pleasant manner. Stay tuned for developments. I'm still thrilling to the fact that my recent singing performance was well-received despite a long time off the community theater stage.

Please share the fun. Let me know what you do to stay grounded and joyous despite inner or outer pain.

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