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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Unchained Fun!


4 Sivan, 5777

I've been through an unusually busy period of time as my workload has increased in recent weeks. I'm writing more for www.e-counseling. com, chairing my community's summer picnic next week (it took 2 months of 'round the clock work from me and my picnic planning committee), caring for children, editing medical research and managing the rest of my life.

On top of that I recently completed 10 months of physically draining vision exams in the hopes of qualifying for a form of therapy that might prove helpful to me. Efforts will resume in November if all works out as planned.

I'm relaxing with happiness-building music. Care to listen in with me?

Despite the exhausting schedule and emotions lately, I charge up my batteries with unchained fun.

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