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Monday, August 6, 2018

The POWER of Pessimism!


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Yesterday I made mention of professional pessimism. The phrase happens to be part of a joke that I use from time to time, especially with my coaching clients. I use the words to point out thinking, aka thought process, errors.

Here's an echo of things I've said after I mention "You're quite consistent at pessimism, almost professional. You could give lessons in how to see the down side to things. But it's not what you want to do. I know that because you've asked me how to solve X, Y, or Z..."

Negativity feeds on itself. Then it runs into reality. The results can be emotionally, perhaps physically, painful. As Byron Katie teaches, “When you argue with reality, you lose, but only 100% of the time.”

Here's a thought that might jolt a pessimist out of their convoluted reverie: "Don't try to be a pessimist. It won't always work." (Psst: I tend to point out when life went more easily than my pessimistic client expected, and ask them to explain the phenomenon to me. They sigh or stutter, then look at me in frustration because they realize that their negative expectations were unfounded.)

What does a pessimist say when they see a light at the end of the tunnel? "It's the wrong tunnel." 

You can change the paradigm when you look for the good in any situation. Yes, I'm aware of many horrific situations. And I'm aware of survivors who succeeded in overcoming them by being purposely positive and focused on an ever-better future. 

When you choose to think positively, people come forward with solutions, kindness and friendship. So does the entire universe! Why? Because your positive point of view is appealing. You welcome life instead of rejecting it and the solutions that you need.

Watch what happens to you over time when you focus on upbeat ideas. The payoff is priceless.

As I teach in the EMPOWER Yourself book, "Don't shut the door on possibilities. When you do that, GOD has nothing to work with."

The power of pessimism can hurt you and other people. Leave it behind you.

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