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Friday, December 11, 2009

Have a SAFE Chanuka!


24 Kislev 5770

Here in Israel we're several hours closer to the start of (spell it as you wish ;^ ) Hanuka, Chanuka.

The emphasis on involving little children with the candle-lighting (a total of 36 lights made of olive oil or wax candles for the entire holiday) is a safety concern. So is the reality of a candelabra burning for hours as tykes run around with excitement at the pretty sight, the parties, pretty gift paper and new presents.

I suggest that you visit the Jewish Fire Prevention site. It has special pages dedicated to childen, parents and teachers.

Want to learn more about Eight Days of Light? See's Chanukah Reader. Thought-provoking is part of Rabbi Pinchas Winston's magnum opus about the deeper meanings of Chanukah and its implications for the future.

In Hebrew we say "Chag Urim Sameach," may your holiday be filled with (spiritual) light." Happy Hanuka everybody. May your holiday be filled with optimal health, too.

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