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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cures and Comfort for the Common Cold


22 Kislev 5770

Want to help your little one, teenager or adults in the family to lose a cold faster than average? Here are some easy recipes for success:

Prepare a soup made ONLY of onions, garlic and a bit of sea salt.

The easily swallowed soup, ingested as much as desired, will direct germs and all kind of yukky stuff to the sewer while hydrating the feverish tyke who breathes with an open mouth.

A small amount of yummy honey brings up phlegm to be spit out.

Teensy-weensy homeopathic Mercurius-Heel S pills help to drain sinus cavities in adults who catch the little one's cold. Take one every 15 minutes for the first hour, then one every 8 hours for several days.

Prepare handkerchiefs for a cozier nose-blowing week (I prefer men's solid hankies because they're sturdier than lacey lady-like stuff). The goo is going to pour out of your head. Er, when I'm home with a cold I use torn dish towels and old washcloths to keep my nose clean and to avoid the harsh abrasion from papery commercial tissues. The soft fabric touch prevents the peeling skin you get from frequent nose-blows. And they keep the pillow clean...

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