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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kids with Type 1 Diabetes Will Soon Have a New Resource!


19 Kislev 5770

Children do not relate well to illness and restraint. Childhood is the learning ground for developing mature behavior in about 1.5 to 2 decades. They need user-friendly lessons and approaches that meet their non-adult needs for complying with dietary rules, physical limitations and uncomfortable medical treatment.

Diabetic children need to cooperate
with blood checks, too.

The Children with Diabetes website has addressed those needs for a while.

Now Israel's child-friendly and fun-oriented Kav-Or Distance Learning site for hospitalized children is about to add another page to its web presences: Type 1 Diabetes information geared to children with that condition.

Kav-Or means "Connection to Light" in Hebrew. Ending the darkness of lonely hospital stays and of being different from other children definitely connects little ones to lighter days and outlooks. The multi-lingual site informs readers of how to manage their medical conditions and have some fun in Arabic, English, Hebrew and Spanish.

Lighten your child's life with a visit to
Kav-Or online. And check out its soon-to-debut site dedicated to Children with Type 1 Diabetes. You'll find out about sugar levels, insulin use and nutrition there. The content is being created based on the questions often asked by children with diabetes. The site will offer solutions to enjoying holiday meals and school trips, restaurants, sports activities, and more, providing tools and information for handling those situations. Be sure to check out the interactive Flash carbohydrate calculator with visual and textual elements for calculating the insulin-to-carbohydrate ratio of various meals!

Hmm, some adults might need
to see that, too ;^ )

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