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Monday, August 23, 2010

Exhausted from High Heat & Humidity? Skip the Donuts, Reach for Refreshing...


13 Elul 5770

WHEW! I've been facing unusually high temperatures and humidity for a long time, causing me to slow down my schedule and physical efforts. Now my schedule is slowing more as friends arrive from outside Israel. Five planeloads of people arrived at Ben Gurion airport this morning but only two passport control staff members are on duty.

I'm preparing several jugs of chilled water and bowls of refreshing fruit to greet the arrivals when we finally meet. We'll need to keep replacing our energy to cope with the stresses of weather and messed up schedules. Scientists are aguing, as you read this, about how all that tiredness happens:

Contrary to Popular Models,
Sugar Is Not Burned
by Self-Control Tasks

Contradicting a popular model of
self-control, a psychologist
says the data from a 2007 study
argues against the idea that
glucose is the resource used to
manage self control and that
humans rely on ...
full story

My guess is that doctors will debate this just as they've argued for and against hot/cold/moisture-only humidifiers for congested people.

I suggest you sensibly and safely do what works for you in exhausting weather and situations. A nutritious diet rarely fails to provide the basics of bodily needs. Rest as needed and prioritize tasks that must be done versus those that can safely be delayed.

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