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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Your Favorite Author and Blogger Has Been Invited to...


Av 23 5770/August 3 2010

Yocheved Golani Invited
to Speak at Jerusalem Conference
on Integrative Medicine

In response to Yocheved Golani's ground-breaking books and coaching on how to cope with a medical crisis, organizers of the Jerusalem International Conference on Integrative Medicine have invited Ms. Golani to speak at the October 2010 conference.

Details of the conference appear at

A popular speaker on radio and in live forums, Ms. Golani specializes in calming frightened people, helping them to identify their goals and to strategize to meet them. Certified in Counseling Skills by Refuah Institute, Yocheved is a patient, accomplished coach. Her Giveret Golani Self-Help Coaching Services benefit cholim no matter where they reside.

Patients, medical and mental health practitioners, and readers around the world appreciate Yocheved's soothing writing, coaching and speaking style. She and her books teach coping strategies. The Global Resources section in her print and E-books (available through save people money with cost-cutting solutions for quality Standard, Alternative and Complementary medical care around the world.

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