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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

When Smart Apps Aren't


15 Elul 5770

Smart Apps (i. e., applications on digital devices such as smart phones and websites that remind you what to do and when) make news and fun feature stories. But I'm going to level with you: I rarely err when I predict future trends. And I predict that Smart Apps will eventually turn you into one wondering human when the power goes out. Possibly into a person who's sicker than necessary.

Today's Technology can
help travelers to cope
with health issues on
the road and even
before you leave.

BUT travelers and
need to take PROPER
health precautions.

If you're traveling to
far-flung locales or
stay-cationing in your
own back yard, you
already know of
global fears about
blackouts regarding
excessive power
demands and/or

Total reliance on
electronic devices
isn't wise. A good
back-up plan perhaps,
but not full coverage
of your medical needs.

I advise you to invest in paper and pens or pencils. Markers are nice, too. But be sure to note your medical must-dos on low-tech paper products as a sensible back-up Plan B.

Photocopies of your eyewear, other medical appliances plus medication prescriptions, instructions for your medical behaviors (exercise regimens, nebulizer usage etc.) and other necessities should be part of the notes you make and guard carefully.

When the power goes out, and it will one of these days, you'll be healthier for having protected your non-digital interests long before the new crises affect your neighbors and fellow patients.

UPDATE: On another tact, I'm worried about Facebook Places, a new online resource about medical establishments in local communities. I fear it will backfire as a milestone for healthcare social media. At first blush it seems like an opportunity for information overload, lawsuits regarding defamatory statements, and mass confusion. The pendulum will swing towards low-tech solutions once people realize that the Internet complicates life.

Sept. 15 2010 UPDATE: See what I mean? Chase Bank Website Down Due to Technical Difficulties

Sept. 24 2010 UPDATE: If my predictions above were on-target, rest assured that my book is ahead of the curve. Time and headlines prove me right: Malicious computer worm launched at industrial targets (... designed to cause serious damage in the physical world, security experts are warning).

Oct. 19 2010 UPDATE: Is Facebook Protecting or Endangering Your Privacy?

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