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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

BedBug Solutions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


14 Tishrei 5771

The USA is freaking out over bedbugs in hospitals, movie theaters, airplanes, etc. It's becoming a global problem as the bugs get free rides & airfare. Now they're traveling to far-off places.

I'm not a pest control expert but I offer some home remedies that might improve matters:

1. Brush organic rosemary oil in everybody's hair before bedtime. Drip some onto personal hairbrushes before hairbrush use. Keep each brush in separate sealed plastic bags (ziploc style) when not in use. Bugs detest rosemary oil smell.

2. Get cheapo incense burners.
Burn organic citronella oil 24/7 in every room. Bugs hate the smell and leave from all available exits or die trying.

3. Consider buying new mattresses.You might need to lose infected mattresses because they're hard to debug.

4. Avon's SkinsoSoft lotion keeps bugs off skin so shmear it on after every bath/shower!!!!!!

5. Plant potted marigolds on windowsills and inside every room. Bugs avoid marigolds BIGTIME.

6. Empty and vacuum out all drawers/closets & fabric items (check the pockets!). Dispose of the used vacuum bag right away (seal them in plastic bags before walking outdoors with them).

7. Spray anything (air deodorizer, hair spray, cooking oil, oven cleaner even) at bugs and on infected surfaces. SUFFOCATE them.

8. Careful of the kids with this one: Dump boiling water on the bedbugs if you see them on marble or ceramic surfaces.

See this US NEWS & World Report item: You're NOT Alone.


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