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Monday, September 20, 2010

FAST, Affordable Perk-Me-Ups You CAN DO at Home or in the Office!


12 Tishrei 5771

The new Jewish year is progressing and WOW some of us can party hearty! Here are some fast, affordable Perk-Me-Ups that I shared on Facebook a little while ago:

Apple Cider Vinegar makes a great body cleanser! Add ¼ cup in a full tub, then soak away yuk (GREAT after inner body cleanses!) that exits from pores of your skin.

Suddenly ITCHY eyes? Mix a drop of apple cider vinegar in a handful of water. Rinse eyes clean. Do this a few days & they'll sparkle!

Don't bring lots of apple cider vinegar to the eyes. OW!

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