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Monday, September 6, 2010

How to Calm Down in a Way that Works for YOU


27 Elul 5770

The Jewish year ends this Wednesday, and the non-Jewish year ends in December. Holiday season is upon us. Tensions are rising with tempers, tears and fears. Medical problems add to the stress.

Want to calm down in a way that works for you?

One way to cope with the distress of illness and all its complications is to simply admit what's bothering you.

Ask loved ones, friends and/or medical professionals in your life to listen to you, to share some back-and-forth feedback and reflection.

It's not a silly, time-wasting exercise. Why? Because it brings your voice and concerns into the overall picture. Two-way communication is progress. Your needs can be met once people know of them.

Tell the people important to you what you're afraid of: Things that might fail and things that might work, things that scare you or hurt you, and things that sadden and/or confuse you.

It's okay to be concerned/
fill in the blank as you wish.

You're normal.

Let the wider world know what's on your mind. Speak in a cultured, patient manner. If tears overtake you, let them fall. They're a communication tool.

Give a voice to things you fear could happen, things that could have a negative affect on your life: altered appearance, chronic pain, loss of abilities, and so on. List the things that you're afraid might work and change your life in significant ways. That's a whole other kind of fear.

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