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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Go Green and Dance with Me!


1 Iyar 5770

I'm heartened on a whole new level after speaking at a health-oriented conference today. Participants are on to GOOD habits!

We lunched on organic foods with fine dining: beautifully prepared quiches, grains, sauces, salads and side dishes. Nobody left hungry though some participants are still acclimating to a more healthful manner of eating.

On an interesting side note: my co-presenter, alternative healing health practitioner Marina Rogechovsky, promoted her business by speaking of two patients who dramatically demonstrate the benefits of her colonic hydrotherapy and ozone treatments: a woman from Canada and me.

Marina has witnessed my physical and health transformation from the time I met her while leaning heavily on a cane and peering through thick, heavy glasses in 2006 to the moment I danced before today's crowd to demonstrate my now excellent health, agility and improved sight. Imagine how much business she gained from that experience!

I left the event without a single business card. My entire stash was eagerly shared by the audience members. My health coaching calendar is filling up ;^ )

Want to join the fun? Read EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge. You just might end up dancing with me in spirit as your health improves.

PS - Empower Yourself is an E-book that won't harm the environment. Go Green when you read it and eat according to the life-enhancing advice there. And oh yes - Marina Rogechovsky's contact information appears in the Global Resources section in the back of the book.

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