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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Leave the Trauma. Live Your Life!


29 Nisan 5770

Leave the trauma. Live Your Life!

Yes, your medical situation is painful. Heartache, physical pain that medications might not help, fear and, well, fill in the blanks.

You're facing unspeakable misery. But you can survive it. Make staying alive your hobby. Pursue health as much as you can. Pretend to be cheerful until you actually think of something funny or pleasant to say or do.

I have no control over how long you'll live, keep some of your body parts or how well medical intervention will work for you. But I know one thing: you can grab life by the collar, no matter how wispy it seems, and decide "I WANT MORE! I WANT BETTER!" Then make it so.

Behave with dignity. Thank the people trying to help you: aides, nurses, doctors, relatives, friends, strangers and neighbors. Cry as necessary, then commit yourself to coping with the problems you have. Find solutions.

Exercise hurts? Do 5 minutes instead of 10. Eating upsets you? Be sure to swallow basic nutrients and nibble away the rest of whatever's on your plate and tray.

What are you talking about? Aches? Pains? Anger? Disfigurement? Mourning? Anything negative? Does your voice have that "I must have said this 1000s of times already?" drone to it? Improve the sound.

STOP living in the trauma.
Live Your Life!

Look for joyous moments: lovely skylines, a hug, footrub, or lack of complications in some regard. You have a new "Normal." Go for the Gusto as best you can. Seize happiness, maximize pleasures no matter how small or big. FOCUS on them. Say pleasant things so people can hear you. Look for their signs of relief at hearing you speak this way. Share it.

Now, snuggle up in your bed or chair, wherever you may be, and bask in your victory. You're ALIVE, and proud of your behavior. You can repeat it, too.

The future can unfold with richer experiences. Let it. If you wish, share your richer experiences with me at

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