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Monday, April 26, 2010

How to Explain Epilepsy to Children of All Ages


12 Iyar 5770

I once worked in a US school and was horrified to learn that when one specific student fell down a staircase, nobody had reached out to help the child. After she'd been tended to by ambulance workers and sent to a hospital for exams, I asked fellow instructors to explain their shocking insensitivity and everybody else's.

"People in this neighborhood believe she's 'possessed' by the devil," I heard. In 20th century America!

People of all ages can lack
the social sophistication,
compassion and education
that go with adulthood.

Then they foist their foolishness
on the next generation,
creating a pitiful cycle.

Soroka University Medical Center staff strives to end that problem at the Anita Kaufmann Epilepsy Education Center.

Please read
Witches do not cause epilepsy.

Learn how to help yourself, your students, your children and the wider world to develop that social sophistication, compassion and education that children, teens and adults with epilepsy deserve.

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