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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Cell Phone Poisoning of America and...


21 Iyar 5770

I received some criticism of my concerns about cellphones, especially my fight against the 7 (and counting) cell phone towers in my small town. Here's the give and take of that online conversation:

Critic 1 - "what about people's in-house wifi? wireless links use more power and emit more radiation than cellphone antennae, something that bears looking into, if one is worried about such radiation."

Critic 2 - "That is a good point. It seems a bit hypocritical to fight someone else (who is making a lot of money) and companies (who are making a lot of money), whoare both really serving the community of those who want cellphone servicebecause of the health danger they impose if one self-imposes worse radiationdangers (wifi) themselves because it would be inconvenient otherwise!

(I wonder how far one can take that argument. For that matter, those who eatmargarine, butter and fats, and don't exercise are self imposing a healthdanger (cancer risk and other ailments), and perhaps it is not fair to causea loss of money to others if one is not really serious about guarding one'shealth in other areas when inconvenient ..)

Just food for thought(!) (I am not taking a position or stating anything definitive or clear-cut)"

My response to both critics - "If a person chooses to eat something with battery acid, then wash it down with arsenic, does that mean that those of us who prefer not to have either chemical in our food chain must endure them because we like to eat? I have been warning readers against WIFI and cellphone + cellphone tower radiation for years. Just because I live in the neighborhood does not mean I wish to be exposed to other people's preferred poisons. YG"

Read this report,
The Cell Phone Poisoning of America. And know that it's not just the USA's problem.

Got a cell phone? Hang up on it. Permanently. Lose your WIFI too. Not all technology takes us forward.

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