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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Delivery from the Darkness of PPD Post-Partum Depression


13 Sivan 5770

You don't have to be Jewish to appreciate this book review.

Title: Delivery from Darkness:
A Jewish Guide to Prevention
and Treatment of Postpartum

Authors: Rabbi B. Finkelstein,
Michal Finkelstein RN CNM,
and Doreen Winter MSW

Publisher: Feldheim

Reviewer: Yocheved Golani

... The authors provide evidence of the
physiological realities causing
Depression. Their book is
an effort to end ... stigmatization of
affected women who are not suffering
from problems of willpower...

The goal is to facilitate
compassion for women with PPD, to
prevent PPD as much as possible and
to assist affected women recovering
from it. The book explains the hormonal
cascade occurring with and immediately
after the birth process. It's effects have
been long misunderstood by medical
professionals and laypeople...

Delivery from Darkness
also defines the
spectrum of post-partum problems from
simple Baby Blues to life-threatening
Postpartum Psychosis.

chapters address preventatives,
coping strategies, symptoms to be
aware of and more.

Psychotherapist and expert on womens'
hormonal isssues Dr. Sarah Katznelson
addresses a woman's need for PPD
psychiatric care. She cautions readers
about psychological and physical
realities, noting that individual PPD
sufferers need...

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