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Thursday, May 27, 2010

How to Get a Good Night's Rest in 4 Simple Steps


14 Sivan 5770

I'm among the lucky few people who do not suffer sleep problems despite traumatic injury to my brain*. But other TBI sufferers need sleeping solutions. I hope this item will help to solve your problems. It can reassure you and your loved ones that you're not "making up" a sleep disturbance problem:

Poor Sleep Persists After Brain Trauma (CME/CE)

Trouble sleeping long after traumatic brain injury may be due to disruption of both melatonin production and sleep architecture, a study has found. More than one year after traumatic brain injury, patients had significantly reduced levels of melatonin... full story at

Solutions exist. Keep to a regular sleep/wake pattern. That means:

  • Relax with quiet, comforting activites such as reading or board games, pleasant conversation and the like before bedtime.
  • Get to bed at the same hour nightly.
  • Use your bedroom only for sleeping and dressing/undressing. Otherwise you risk too many distracting thoughts about the PC, TV, etc. Keep sleeping simple.
  • Try taking Valerian capsules a hour or so before bedtime. Valerian is an herb that induces relaxation/sleep (you can buy it in health food shops and some pharmacies). Let your medical team know that you want to take it so they can advise you of any concerns.

Let me know what works for you. Sweet dreams.

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*I'm not TBI-certified, but lemme tell ya, brain surgery and tumor damage were no picnic. My recovery will be lifelong.

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