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Monday, May 3, 2010

Why Would You Paint Your Floor Yellow?


19 Iyar 5770

I thank my friend David Morris for letting me retool an essay on his blog, Tzedek Tzedek. Here we go:

CAMT is a factory in Israel's Negev desert region. It does metal machining and other material processing.

The manufacturing process removes materials, such as steel, aluminum or ceramics, from a block of other material, using heavy grinding and milling machines.

Bits of material go flying about and liquid slurries splash with much noise and hubbub.

But the CAMT factory is clean, giving the impression of being very efficient – signs that can promote worker confidence in their products and an uncompromisingly high level of workmanship. CAMT workers give the impression of being leaders in their field.

But CAMT machines are reasonably standard for this business. Workers appear to be a standard melting pot of Israeli society.

Yair Shneor, the chief engineer, explains why the floors are yellow. He’d picked this idea up from a visit to Iscar, the tool factory in the north of Israel. Iscar was founded by Israel’s most famous (and richest) industrialist, Steff Wertheimer. Iscar IS the leading company in its field.

The floors of Iscar
are painted bright yellow.

Yair explained that, with a bright yellow floor, not only does the factory look bright and cheerful, but one can also spot any dirt and trash from one end of the manufacturing floor to the other. The floors have to be kept spotless, otherwise messes become obvious.

CAMT’s machines are also kept spotlessly clean. A set of standard hand-tools (screwdrivers, spanners, hammers etc) on the wall, was complete, with a profile drawn around each item, so that any missing item would be obvious.

Production practices and quality assurance seem to state-of-the-art at CAMT.

Having a bright yellow floor presents a dilemma that we can all relate to. On the one hand, it’s great to be seen to be clean. On the other hand, it shows every spot of dirt and any mess.

Now that you're confronting a medical situation, you might want to keep YOUR FLOORS yellow, so to speak, too.

Your life and the quality of your life are at risk. One of the best ways to protect all that is to hold yourself to a higher standard. Prevent slip-ups, mess-ups and missing out on effective tools, preparation techniques and mind-sets. Mentally paint your coping skills floor bright yellow.

Forgetting appointments, losing important documents, and failing to nurture yourself with good humor, good nutrition, exercise and self-respect would be dirty marks on your bright yellow floor.

Do you already have a dirty mark or more on your yellow floor? Use this as an opportunity to get the mop and clean up.

You can choose to repaint your floor in mid-grey, and set yourself a lower standard – or paint it bright yellow, proudly aiming, like Iscar and CAMT, to be effective, competent and proud.

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