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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Be a HERO to People with Disabilities! Get YOUR NAME in Print & Get in on a Clinical TRIAL News!


22 Sivan 5770

This just in: I received a terrific proposal from a best-selling author I admire. In brief:

Fun opportunity!

Do a Review

& you just might read it

Guidelines in LEFT Column

OK, the title of this blogpost lets you know that YOU can be a hero. Here's how:

Do you use assistive technology?
Share your experience

Here's another chance to be heroic:

Rabbi Rachmiel Tobesman
will present a session,
Once Upon A Time To Comfort…
Jewish Children And Grieving,
at the 8th
North American Chevra Kadisha
and Jewish Cemetery Conference
in Atlanta, GA

at the Marriott Perimeter Center
- June 6-8, 2010 -
Sunday 1pm to Tuesday 1pm

Coping up with the death of a loved one
is hard enough,
but dealing with it as a child
is even harder.

Many Jewish children don’t understand
the grieving process
and are thrust into a world of
shiva, levaya, and kaddish
causing them even more
confusion and frustration.

Rabbi Tobesman will introduce
the new, helpful and inspiring book
A Time to Mourn, A Time to Comfort
as a source to guide children
in changing such a gloomy moment
into a time of discovery and healing.

A Time to Mourn, A Time to Comfort
is an invaluable resource
for parents and children,
filled with activities, stories
and explanations.

These features help children
to understand their feelings
and the grieving process
in the Jewish community.
Each chapter in this book
teaches children important skills
to cope with many of the
traditions and the feeling
of confusion so common
when someone dies.

Most books can only be read,
but this one allows children
to write, draw, doodle,
take notes, tape in pictures,
and even fold the pages.

One more must-read item: You might want to consider joining the clinical trial mentioned in...

I'd appreciate hearing from you if you become active in any of the action items above.

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