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Wednesday, June 23, 2010



11 Tamuz 5770

Readers, this one's a stunner.

You're already afraid of doctors and painful tests. Thoughts of deadly and disfiguring diseases leave you almost speechless. And all too often predators play on those fears, trying to hurt you. For what? Fun and profit? To sell more newspapers?

The journalism world deserves a major shakedown so that only credible, hardworking fact-checkers get the real story to you. Fantasies belong on relevant shelves in libraries.

From those conscientious doctors at MedPage:

BLOG: N.Y. Daily News Begins
Second Decade of Evading Evidence
on PSA Screening
Headlines every day in the
New York Daily News
are luring men in as part of
a mass prostate cancer screening campaign
that the American Cancer Society not only
does not endorse --
its chief medical officer recommends against.
Yet the paper brags that...

As a journalist, I pride myself on the fact that never once did an editor have to publish errata about my reporting. I am proud to pursue and to share the fact-based truth with my readership, and to make complicated topics understandable the first time you read my writing.

The benefits of my reporting,
writing services and books
are hard to measure.

They're intangible:


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