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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Do You Need Help with a Bully?


17 Tamuz 5770

They do it with cellphones,
YouTube, kids at school,
name it.

Bullies are bad. It's hard to deal with them because people who can and should protect the victims often don't.

Are you being bullied? Maybe this New York Times Health and Wellness blogpost can help you to to end the misery. It's a starting point for the whole solution. Click on:
Ask Questions About Cyber Bullying

UPDATE: Monitoring Teenage Phones and Facebook

If you can, convince some adults to read this message from me: "LISTEN to the person in front of you. He or she is scared and rightly so. Bullies want to ruin their lives. And they can succeed if YOU fail to stop them."

Okay, my lecture is over. I pray the problem will end for you.

If you're being bullied, here's one way to prevent them from messing up your head. Memorize this thought: "Strength is not the absence of weakness, but how we wrestle with our weaknesses."

Bullies only wrestle with someone they can pick on. Survivors are stronger. Gather supporters and outnumber the nasty girls and guys. Wrestle the bullies together: use the police, helpful adults and friends. I'm on your side.

If you're an adult facing bullies in the medical world, re-read my message above. It applies to you, too.

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