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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where's the Outrage?


10 Tamuz 5770

Americans face alarmingly dangerous health risks on many fronts: the BP oil spill ruining its shores and wildlife, food recalls (are the FDA and food service industries hiring people who care and can read or not?) and an increasingly obvious sleight-of-hand Healthcare Reform Act robbing victims of the very healthcare they desperately need.

This "Healthcare Reform Act" crime against humanity was enacted March 23 2010. I have yet to learn of someone's life being improved by it.

I have learned, however, of thousands of people losing vitally needed Medicare privileges, and of doctors going broke or choosing to go out of business for lack of sufficient reimbursement.

Read this editorial from the internationally repected publication The New England Journal of Medicine:
Where's the Outrage?

I was in the USA during winter holiday season 2008. It was depressing due to one horrific financial scandal after another. News shows tallied mounting losses of homes, businesses, marriages and lives. Americans voted for a president promising "Hope" and "Change."

The only change we've witnessed is the increasingly rapid, downward spiral of the US economy and public welfare.

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