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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Do Alternative and Complementary Healing Things Work or Not?


28 Shvat 5772

Here's a heads-up on the topic for a forthcoming Refua Radio Show, where you can hear me speak about health matters. In a few weeks I'll be making pre-recorded remarks about the alternative healing world, the one with words such as "complementary," "alternative" and "natural." Here's an outtake:

"Some people are angry or sad that they or someone they love has not recovered from or survived a medical situation. They tend to express that unhappiness by scoffing at natural healing claims and techniques. That emotional response to heartache is not an intellectual, fact-based assessment of facts. But over time, some skeptics are becoming believers. Many of them are in the medical world, and what an F-Y-I that is!

"The fascinating TedTalks have featured oncologist Dr. William Li, who cures people of cancer with food instead of using harsh chemicals! His presentation is called “Can we eat to starve cancer?” and the answer, to his former BIG surprise, is a resounding “YES.” Dr. Teri Wahls ended her misery and Multiple Sclerosis with food. She explains how at Minding Your Mitochondria.

"GOD is in the details. So is the natural healing pharmacy spread out across our planet. That natural pharmacy is in plants, animals, simple foods, pure water, air, sunshine and even rain. The trick is to be aware of how to benefit from those items and to avoid health-endangering behavior. Naturopaths study all that. Reputable naturopaths save or improve lives with their knowledge and applied healing skills.

"Still skeptical even though those MDs, PhDs and their naturally healing patients are gaining more health by the day? Do you suppose that a woman, blinded by a benign brain tumor crushing every nerve between her head and body, could hope to regain her vision with crushed optic nerves? Guess again. I did."

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