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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Do it YOURSELF Healthcare that Works!


29 Shvat 5772

I received a forwarded E-mail the other day:

... My stepdaughter is in college 
abroad. Before she left, 
we signed her up for their
recommended medical
insurance plan. 

The problem she's having 
is that most of the medications 
that her doctor prescribed for 
her are not covered under that 
plan. Also, she needs to find 
dermatologist but the 
insurance plan does not 
cover dermatologists.

Does anyone know of any 
who take American medical 
insurance? And/or are there 
any pharmacies that accept 
American medical 

I've heard of dentists 
and doctors who work both 
abroad and in the states 
and have been willing to bill 
from  the states for some 

Thank you for any information.

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