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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Have Some Purim Fun!


5 Adar 5772

The headlines are hard to take. The Hormuz Straits are shaping up as a possible setting for World War 4 (I believe that WW3 has been going on throughout the Intifada years).

I believe that indulging in healthy humor can help humanity to cope with fear, pain and uncertainty. So...

Friends and I worked together to launch some Purim fun at (we're still uploading content). Adar is a month of miracles. We look forward to MANY!

(shhhh!!! don't tell anyone 
I'm behind 
this Purim project and mask!)

One more thing: I'm learning of people panicking at threats against Israel and a rumor about Purim. So I ask everyone to remember: A) Rabbi Frand's Tisha B'Av video about resolving problems with people so you can protect Israel B) Hussein's Scud Missile War on Israel ended on Purim and C) This is the time to focus on the 3 lines after the aleinu prayer in Jewish prayer books/sidurim: Fear not sudden terror, Conspiracies will be annulled, and H' is with us - we'll endure and be rescued!

oh - 1 more thing: Be nicer than usual. Can't hurt!

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