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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Guaranteed Health Initiative!


14 Shvat 5772

An ill, recovering or disabled person tends to have goals. Too often, other people fail to realize that. They over-focus on visible problems, not on the person’s inner self, their soul and spirit. The result: the infantilization of ill, recovering or disabled YOU (i.e., people treat you like a foolish baby or child, or worse – as an incompetent adult).

Here’s a thought that you can share with your unintentionally clueless loved ones and caregivers: We want to gain while helping the other person – YOU - to gain, too. Work WITH me, not AGAINST me, so I can achieve increased emotional, physical and/or spiritual health. That will make me happy - probably healthier - and it'll make you a better care provider!

It’s a safe, loving message, guaranteed to give other people a graceful way to improve their behavior (it’s their choice to make, not yours). 

Print the words out on attractive paper. Decorate it somehow. Display the finished product. Invite the world at large to honor your productive goals.

Let me know how the above suggestion works out for you. I’m off to prepare for Tu B’Shvat festival of trees, now. The 15th day of the Jewish month of Shvat is quite an important, and fun, occasion. 

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