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Monday, July 5, 2010

Ditch Your Doctor Healthcare!


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Your doctor does surgery or some form of therapy, and writes prescriptions. He or she does not know all the answers to your questions about "how to get this," "how to find that," or "what if…"

Only exceptional doctors have time to discuss your concerns and fears. Most of them are busy with very hectic schedules, life-and- death decisions, and concerns about lawsuits. Talk about time-management problems!

You need to make progress at organizing that blizzard of medical and insurance papers, reaching appointments and finding answers to your questions.

Through it all, you must face your fears. If you don't, the mental mess-up can prevent you from making progress. Turn your terror about a medical situation into energy that gets answers and results you need.

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can do all that for you.

The chapters read like hand-holding gentle guidance with easy instructions about how to solve many problems with your medical situation. Ditch your doctor. He or she can't be your personal organizer. That's what this book is for.

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