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Friday, July 23, 2010

Sweeten Your Indoor Life in 1 Simple Step


Summer's hot and humid, the thunderstorms messed up your barbecue. You just don't want to risk your health recovery/coping process on severe weather conditions. Here's a simple 1-step solution: Indoor Beach Party!

Grab your gear: sunglasses, beach towels, tan lotion and food. Set it up indoors and play some funky music while you enjoy the silly setting. Arrange for someone to prepare barbecue'd food and feel better fast.

My classmates and I did this in college and it truly is fun for people on the mend - and everybody else. Yep, college. Not a waste of time as too many critics feared ; ^ )

Seriously, readers, I've witnessed Recreation Therapists in medical institutions do this sort of activity and the staff, patients and visitors ate it up with glee.

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