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Friday, July 30, 2010

A Medical Ethics Issue that MUST be Resolved to Serve Humanity


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Whew, it's been a busy week. I was interviewed for a news article about how people benefit from my books and coaching, plus I'm teaching Social Media Savvy to some interested business people while spending time with friends visiting from another country.

Here's some food for thought I'd like to share with you over the weekend:

How would you feel
if your life were
threatened by disease
and doctors refused
to share your tissue
samples with
researchers seeking
a way to save you?

The hospital administrators and relevant doctors cited in the article below, and others like them, are missing a superb health-promoting and public relations opportunity. They could develop the legal means of sharing patient tissues in an effort to preserve and to improve a person's life.

I'm awestruck at the failure to appreciate this! Lawyers could perform some public service by lending their skills to solving this heart-breaking dilemma.

Let me know what you think after you click on Niki Perry's story at
Patients, hospitals wrestle over tumor tissue.

Er, no, I cannot explain the odd color of the patient's "hair."

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Rizwan ali said...

I spend much time in hospitals, both labor and labor and birth doula, and also doing Reiki on patients. I can not speak with the comment about the flowers on the road as it is not a problem for me. But I'd like to share some information I learned in a class I took recently about the benefits of the flowers. It was amazing!

He shared his knowledge about the benefits of the flowers in patient healing emotional and physical. He said that, for thousands of years, the Egyptians knew that the flowers never die, but evaporates! As they evaporate, emit a healing essence that had led people to the brink of death back to robust health. He even spoke of stories of people coming out of the coma. So not only makes a good person to get flowers for their beauty and love that comes from donors, it is actually healing "energy" in the flowers themselves. With the exception of those who may be allergic to certain flowers, where before making that determination
would be prudent to bring flowers,

Yocheved Golani said...

I know that Reiki can be very effective and helpful, Rizwan. I happen to use Bach flower remedies and find them wonderfully restoring. Good luck with all your healing work! Yocheved