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Thursday, July 15, 2010

How to Make Your Medical Setbacks WORK for You!


4 Av 5770

Medical setbacks can unravel your employment hopes, dreams and realities in awful ways. As a woman who has recovered from not one but several brain tumors and treatments to get rid of them, lots of physical and occupational therapy to recover from that, then a crushed elbow on my dominant arm and MORE physical-occupational therapy, I know from deep inside what you're feeling about medically-induced unemployment problems.

Today's post is for helping you to see things another way, and productively too. Here's a message I shared on LinkedIn, about unemployment problems for immigrants who don't speak Hebrew at all or even passably well. Please apply my insights to YOUR employment picture and make it as productive as possible:

Richard your comment about Torah Codes caught my attention. I wrote the first two installments of an espionage trilogy based on nevua [ed: Biblical prohecy] and Torah Codes in the USA. Part 2 was greatly revised and published soon after my aliya [ed: arrival in Israel], after I met with some Torah Code experts who shared information I had not known before. I had decided not to publish Part Three before my publisher asked me in some alarm if realize how closely headlines are following my plotline. I do not want readers to fear that I give ideas to bad guys, and sighed, "Now you know why the last part of the story isn't coming out."

Why share this with the list? Because I cured my unemployment problem with self-employment by re-writing the previously completed Part Two manuscript immediately after my aliya [ed: arrival in Israel]. I supported myself with odd jobs while advancing my Hebrew skills. I now assist people in medical and governmental settings (yeeesss, I have loads of patience and a keen insight into how to get productive, effective services from civil servants aka pakidim. I don't offer gurantees, but I have won some amazing successes for myself and other people).

I still dabble in journalism and focus on writing book reviews, a sedentary, calm activity for one de-frazzled chick trying to keep up with Israeli life. I provide writing services to clients, including occasional, small translation work.

Richard's right: think out of the box. Options exist such as Anglo employers here in Israel; offering goods & services to the Anglo Israeli commmunity; learning new skills, etc. All that is good for brain health and agility: my book and blog provide documented evidence of this.

Do things to promote your joi de vivre: treat yourself to something you don't usually induge in such as a food or activity. Listen to energizing, soothing and inspirational music, videos, art shows, etc. Be good to yourself and prevent the buildup of a negative mindset - THAT is a job prospects killer.

I'm working on two prospective employment models myself: 1) Launching the Refua Radio Show to help cholim [ed: ill people] worldwide with called-in requests for information and inspiration (I need sponsorships from medical businesses paying for ads and a means of broadcasting the show) 2) Creating and broadcasting humorous Public Service Announcements about how to behave with refined manners in Israel (giving your bus seat to pregnant women and older folks who need to sit down, not biking or scootering in front of pedestrians, providing all relevant information - maybe an insight or two - to clients and customers who prefer not to remain clueless... ). I handle scriptwriting. I need investors and accolades from public institutions before those PSAs go live.

The energy generated by pursuing and refining my goals is fun to experience and lots more appealing as a conversation-starter than "Omigawd, I still don't have a job."

Not too shabby, huh? GO for it!

Yocheved Golani

Readers, rethink what you CAN do, despite your medical setbacks. Use computers as paralyzed people do (wands, blinks, etc.). Offer your insights to disability organizations, create plans of action for making employment possible and pleasant given medical circumstances.

I did everything I wrote of AFTER becoming legally blind, busted bones and all. My sight is still not considered normal and I function to the best of my personal ability. Mimic me. Let me know how you succeed and I just might let you guest-post on this blog.

And for goodness' sake, read my book to learn about organizations that HELP disabled people to live fuller lives ;^ )

Face Your Medical Problems with Dignity.
Face Your Future with Optimism.

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